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2023-2024 Competition Team Tryout Registration

Please fill out your information below to register for 2023-2024 Competition Team Tryouts. 

By submitting this registration, you acknowledge that you have read our entire Competition Team Information Packet, and you agree to all of the guidelines and requirements. 

As part of the registration, you will be asked about your interest in solos, duets, and small ensembles. You can find more information about those here.

Student Name*
Date of Birth*
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Returning Competition Team Member?*
In addition to competing as a team member, are you interested in being evaluated at tryouts to potentially compete as a solo, duet, and/or small ensemble?*
In other words, do not indicate, “I’m interested in doing a duet with Susie” without first talking to Susie.
Bear in mind, that a very small percentage of team members participate in solos/duets/ensembles. These routines are extra and supplemental, whereas TEAM routines are the highest priority.*
Leave blank if student does not have a cell phone.

Parent and Family Information

Parent Name*

Emergency Contact (someone other than the Parent listed above)*

Student Acknowledgements

As a team member, I will attend all mandatory team practices and events. I understand that if I miss ONE mandatory practice or event, I could be taken out of dances or competitions.*
I understand that in order to be a member of a team, I must attend 8 full days of Drill Camp (either "Intermediate" of "Advanced"). Even if I fail to attend the minimum required camp days this summer, I understand that am financially responsible for tuition for 8 full days of camp.*
I understand that my team WILL practice on long weekends (as early as 1pm) in the fall and the spring, INCLUDING HOLIDAY WEEKENDS.*
I understand that my director may call for extra practices, and I will be required to attend.*
I understand that I am not guaranteed a position on a certain team, and that the directors may make changes to team placements and positions within the teams at any time.*
I understand that I will be required to wear full body tights with all costumes.*
Student Name*
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Parent Acknowledgements

Medical Release Form

I certify that my child is physically capable of participating in dance activities that include regular workouts, conditioning, competitions, jumps, etc. My child has had a physical performed by a licensed M.D. in the past year, and has been declared physically fit to participate in an athletic activity such as dance. I also understand that by signing this form, I am legally releasing HP Dance Co., its directors, staff, and choreographers, from financial liability or financial obligation due to any injury that may occur as a direct result from my child performing or practicing with HP Dance Co. whether at practice, camp, or any competitions that HP Dance Co. engages in. As in any athletic endeavor, the chance of personal injury is a possibility. Catastrophic injury and even death may result from engaging in an activity such as dance that involve height, rotation, and motion. With this knowledge of the potential risks involved with the activity of dance, I give my permission for the above named student to participate in the HP Dance Co. program. Every possible precaution will be taken to insure your child’s safety.

In the event of any emergency requiring medical care, HPDC is hereby authorized to use it best efforts to obtain whatever medical treatment it deems necessary or appropriate under the circumstances. I understand accident insurance is not included in HPDC fees. Should I or my child(ren) require medical treatment, medication, or hospital care; I shall solely bear the expenses.  I grant permission for myself and my child(ren) to be transported if applicable to the specific program/event in which I/my child is registered or in the event of an emergency.  

I hereby acknowledge and agree that participation in HPDC activities comes with inherent risks. I have full knowledge and understanding of the inherent risks associated with HPDC participation, including but in no way limited to: (1) slips, trips, and falls, (2) athletic injuries, and (3) illness, including exposure to and infection with viruses or bacteria (4) injury or in extreme cases permanent trauma, or death. I further acknowledge that the preceding list is not inclusive of all possible risks associated with HPDC participation and that said list in no way limits the operation of this Agreement.  To the best of my knowledge, I and my child(ren) have the maturity, required skills, and physical ability to participate in HPDC activities for which I have registered.  I HEREBY PERSONALLY, AND TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW ON BEHALF OF ALL FAMILY MEMBERS, ASSUME ALL RISK, WHETHER FORESEEN OR UNFORESEEN, IN CONNECTION WITH PARTICIPATING IN THE ABOVE ACTIVITIES, FOR ANY HARM INJURY OR DAMAGE THAT MAY BEFALL ME AS A RESULT OF MY PARTICIPATION IN SAID ACTIVITIES AT ANY TIME. IT IS MY INTENTION BY THIS INSTRUMENT TO EXEMPT AND RELEASE THE Y FROM ALL LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE.  WARNING: UNDER TEXAS LAW (CHAPTER 87, CIVIL PRACTICE AND REMEDIES CODE), A FARM ANIMAL PROFESSIONAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR AN INJURY TO OR THE DEATH OF A PARTICIPANT IN FARM ANIMAL ACTIVITIES RESULTING FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF FARM ANIMAL ACTIVITIES.


In consideration of my participation with Highland Park Dance Company I, the undersigned, agree to release and on behalf of myself, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, and assigns, HEREBY DO RELEASE Highland Park Dance Company, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives and insurers (“Releasees”) from any causes of action, claims, or demands of any nature whatsoever including, but in no way limited to, claims of negligence, which I, my heirs, representatives, executors, administrators and assigns may have, now or in the future, against Highland Park Dance Company on account of personal injury, property damage, death, accident of any kind or any liability arising out of any actual, alleged, or threatened infectious, pathogenic, toxic, or other harmful properties of any “organic pathogen”, which includes but may not be limited to bacteria, viruses or other pathogens whether or not a microorganism, regardless of whether such “organic pathogen” is the result of a local outbreak, epidemic, pandemic or unknown cause, arising out of or in any way related to the use of HPDC facilities/equipment or participation in HPDC programs whether that participation is supervised or unsupervised, however the injury or damage occurs, including, but not limited to the negligence of Releases.

In consideration of my participation with Highland Park Dance Company, I, the undersigned participant, AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS RELEASEES FROM ANY AND ALL CAUSES OF ACTION, CLAIMS, DEMANDS, LOSSES, OR COSTS OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY RELATED TO MY PARTICIPATION WITH HPDC.  I hereby certify that I have full knowledge of the nature and extent of the risks inherent in HPDC participation and that I am voluntarily assuming said risks.  I understand that I will be solely responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury, property damage, or death, I sustain while participating with HPDC and that by signing this agreement I HEREBY RELEASE RELEASEES FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR SUCH LOSS, DAMAGE, OR DEATH. I FURTHER CERTIFY THAT I AM IN GOOD HEALTH AND THAT I HAVE NO CONDITIONS OR IMPAIRMENTS WHICH WOULD PRECLUDE MY SAFE PARTICIPATION WITH HPDC. 

The undersigned expressly agrees that the foregoing Waiver of Liability is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of Texas and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, the undersigned agrees that the balance shall; notwithstanding, continue in full force and effect.



Parent Name*
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Bus and Travel Waiver

IN CONSIDERATION of being given the opportunity to participate in the bus transportation to and from Highland Park Dance Company studio to any team competition and/or event to the undersigned student and their parent and/or legal guardian (hereinafter collectively “I”) I, for myself, my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin:

1. FULLY UNDERSTAND that: (a.) traveling by bus INVOLVES RISKS AND DANGERS of serious bodily injury, including permanent disability, paralysis and death ("Risks"); (b.) these Risks and dangers may be caused by my own actions, or inactions, the actions or inactions of other drivers or passengers; (c.); there may be other risks and social and economic losses either not known to me or not readily foreseeable at this time; and I FULLY ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSSES, COSTS, AND DAMAGES I incur as a result of my participation in the Activity.

2. HEREBY RELEASE, discharge, and covenant not to sue Highland Park Dance Company, Casey Sinclair, their volunteers and employees, (each considered one of the Releasees herein) from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on my account caused or allege to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise and I further agree that if, despite this release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement, I, or anyone on my behalf, makes a claim against any of the Releasees, I will indemnify save and hold harmless each of the Releasees, from any litigation’s expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost which any may incur as a result of such claim.

I have read this agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed it freely and without any inducement or assurance of any nature and intend it be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid, the balance, notwithstanding, shall continue in full force and effect.

Parent Name*
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Team Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Check all of the roles you're interested in potentially serving in this coming year. (Optional)

I, as the parent, have read the HP Dance Co. Competition Team Tryout Procedures and Team Expectations packet, and do hereby agree to uphold all competition and extra practice policies. I understand that the extra practices are very important to our team and team members and that this agreement will be followed by me to ensure that our team will be properly prepared for all competitions. I also know that private lessons must be taken if the director thinks the dancer is falling behind on a dance. I understand that if a dancer fails to abide by this agreement that the HP Dance Co. director can place her out of a dance routine, which may cause her to be unable to perform or compete that particular dance.

AND I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of the above referenced activities and the Minor’s experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activity. I hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue and AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releasees from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages on the minor’s account caused or alleged to have been caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise, including negligent rescue operations, and further agree that if, despite this release, I, the minor, or anyone on the minor’s behalf makes a claim against any of the above Releasees, I WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releasees from any litigation expenses, attorney fees,  loss liability, damage, or cost any Releasees may incur as the result of any such claim.

Parent Name*
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Registration Fee*
$ 50.00
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